2013 - 2014 Young Audience Series

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Asheville Puppetry Alliance Presents


2013-2014 Young Audience Series

The mission and purpose of the Asheville Puppetry Alliance (APA)
is to bring together the public, the puppets and the performers.


Location and Tickets

All shows will take place at the Diana Wortham Theatre
~Pack Place, downtown Asheville
It is wheelchair accessible and equipped with devices for the hearing impaired.

Contact theater for tickets at
828-257-4530 or www.dwtheatre.com

All shows reflect the North Carolina Common Core & Essential Standards and come with relevant study guides. We offer a short puppet demonstration followed by a question-and-answer session after each production.
We offer special rates for groups of ten or more. Homeschoolers and the public are welcome at our school shows, but must pay the public rate if their group is smaller than ten. Reservations are required for groups.

The Diana Wortham Theatre is located at Pack Place in downtown Asheville. It is wheelchair accessible and equipped with devices for the hearing impaired.

The Big Bad Little Red Pig Show

School Show: Friday, October 11 - 10:00AM
Public Performance: Saturday, October 12 - 11:00AM
The Big Bad Little Red Pig Show

Look out! Little Red is ridin' into your "hood" and the Big Bad Wolf is working double-time in this twisted, tangle of tales. Two childhood favorites have been cleverly "squished" together with just one Big Bad Wolf to share in all the hilarious fun! We huffed and puffed new life into this production through the use of rod puppets, hand puppets, clever music and an original script.

Atlanta based puppeteer, Lee Bryan - "That Puppet Guy" is a nationally recognized touring artist who combines live vocal characterizations and songs with innovative puppet designs for wholesome family entertainment.


School Show: Friday, February 21 - 10:00AM
Public Performance: Saturday, February 22 - 11:00AM

Audiences learn how the discovery of Earth’s invisible magnetic force and static electricity led to a useful understanding of electromagnetic energy. Puppets portray historical figures and famous scientists who employ the process of careful observation and build on each other’s knowledge, to make related discoveries in various parts of the world resulting in the invention of the lightning rod, the battery, the electrical generator, and the electric light bulb. The show explains sustainable energy solutions such as wind mills, solar power, and conservation.

Asheville based Red Herring Puppets delights young audiences throughout the Southeast with their humor, skill, and award-winning "edu-tainment."

Galapagos George

School Show: Friday, March 14 - 10:00AM
Public Performance: Saturday, March 15 - 11:00AM
Galapagos George

Based on the true story of "Lonesome George," this show tells the tale of a truly one-of-a-kind tortoise from the Galapagos Islands. Described by The Smithsonian as "an uplifting eco-fable," this engaging theatrical piece shares an important lesson about man's impact upon the environment. The show was funded in part by a grant from the Puppeteers of America Endowment Fund and was awarded an UNIMA Citation of Excellence.

Barefoot Puppet Theatre features contemporary adaptations of world folktales, classic tales with a twist, myths, and works based on true stories. Audiences love their innovative, hand-crafted puppets and beautifully built staging and scenery.

The Asheville Puppetry Alliance, is a non-profit arts organization promoting puppetry in Western North Carolina.  This production is part of their Young Audience Series.

PRESS CONTACT:  Lisa Sturz 828-252-1692